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Judge says “Hell to the Naw” to Scott Walker and his Collective Bargaining Initiative.

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I did say this wouldn’t go as smooth as some would have hoped. Seems that good old Scott Walker had the brakes pumped on his attempts to “revise” the Collective Bargaining Agreement rights from unionized workers.

A Wisconsin judge issued a temporary restraining order Friday blocking the state’s new and contentious collective bargaining law from taking effect, a measure that drew tens of thousands of protesters to the state Capitol and sent some Democrats fleeing to Illinois in an attempt to block a vote on it. Seems that Scotty forgot that his and his republican cohorts can say what they want. However it’s the federal courts that have a voice as well that speaks with a Union vernacular!! The judge’s order is a major setback for new Republican Gov. Scott Walker and puts the future of the law in question.

Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi issued the order, which was requested by that county’s District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, a Democrat. Ozanne filed a lawsuit contending that a legislative committee that broke a stalemate that had kept the law in limbo for weeks met without the 24-hour notice required by Wisconsin’s open meetings law. The Republican-controlled Legislature passed the measure and Walker signed it last week.

“I would hope the Republicans would take this as an opportunity to sit down with Democrats and negotiate a proposal we could all get behind,” said Democratic Sen. Jon Erpenbach, of the 14 senators who stayed in Illinois for three weeks in an attempt to stop the bill from passing.

Sounds like someone told Scotty and the rest of the Wisconsin republicans to GET DEEZ NUTS!!!!!!! If people would learn to go about things the right way, such as actually meeting and ironing out any rough budgetary issues that are actual instead if saying Collective Bargaining is a major cause.

So in other words people being paid WHAT THEY ARE WORTH, in accordance to the jobs they do, is a costly problem. Ya muvuh Scott Walker!!!

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