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Rape and The Blame Game…

why is the blame being deflected from these muthplakkas???

What’s really good MadMen?! Yo I am beyond disgusted at what I just read and wasn’t going to report on it, but because I got so disgusted I had to report on it.

why is the blame being deflected from these muthaplukkas???

We all heard about the 11-year-old who was raped so there is no need to go back into the details of that. What has gotten me tight is that the people in that community have decided to point the finger of blame at the little girl. Are you fralalalahlahing kidding me yo?!?! Since when is it the fault of the rape victim that they got raped.

So It’s feasible to think that one will wake up in the morning, do her hair, put on her make up, slip on her best outfit and look in the mirror and say “You know what giiiirl. I’m going to go out here and let some random dysfunctional male member of society violate me in ways unimaginable”.

Feel my heat.  Let me continue.

The Times reported that residents in the town said the victim dressed older than her age, and frequently wore “makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s.” Further, they said she was known to hang out with teenage boys at a playground.

The residents go on to lament the trauma that this case will cause the boys, some of whom are high school basketball players, who have not been able to return to school since the allegations were made. The newspaper asks how could these men (I use the term lightly) and boys have been ‘drawn into such an act?’.

WHO GIVES A FROG ABOUT WHAT THIS WILL CAUSE THESE BOYS? Yo what about that little girl who was forced to disrobe and have multiple men get on top of her?? They went on further to blame the mom. I don’t believe in blame, but yes indeed mom.. where the hell were you when your 11-year-old needed you? I don’t mean right before this happened. I mean when she was old enough to understand what you’re telling her. When she had questions? Yeah I know what this is about because I have daughters. I started talking to mine early.

one of the locations where the repeated rape of the 11 year old victim took place...

Kill her curiosity and save her reputation. The words I lived by.

Now this is strictly my opinion due to not knowing the complete story or having ALL of the information at my disposal. I feel as though her mother forgot the basic rule with raising girls. That rule is “PAY ATTENTION”!! Maybe had she been more involved with her daughters comings and goings, maybe this wouldn’t have happened to her. I firmly believe you have to keep them close but NOT smother them. Let them know you are ALWAYS ready to listen with and open mind. Make them comfortable enough to share with you what they would share with their friends only to get the wrong advice and be misled by peer solutions.

To know me is to know, I defend women to the end but will call your ass out in a millisecond when you dumb out. There is no reason for rape and it is foolish to believe that it is the woman’s fault. My heart goes out to this little girl who is going to be scarred for a very long time behind the acts of these animals.

Karma fellas, watch how it comes around when you reach prison for real. If it hasn’t already. Pssssst hey, don’t drop the soap muthafudguh!! I’m done talking about this!!

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