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LandLords Seek To Ban Smoking In Private Residences…WTF!?!

in today’s “bad policy” news….

Some New York smokers aren’t breathing easy as of late.  Co-ops and Condo buildings are trying to bring the smoke-free ban on cigarette right to their door step..literally.  Boards across the city are now beginning to vote on if people should be allowed to smoke in their own apartments.

Currently, any building with ten or more apartments have “smoke free’ zones in their public space (lobbies, parks on the property, etc).  But never has the landlord or the city ventured into a citizens personal space….until now.

The votes are being taken, according to the landlords, to protect themselves against lawsuits due to second-hand smoke claims.  They do not want their building sued because they did nothing to prevent  a tenant from the effects of second-hand smoke, or the measure they would need to take to avoid it (i.e. opening windows in the middle of winter).  The landlords say they are getting more complaints than they can deal with, are willing to intrude on  person’s rights to avoid a lawsuit.

Even thought the measure would need a majority vote from the tenants, one lone smoking tenant could sue all their asses on an invasion of privacy lawsuit…a fact that is not lost on the insurance companies that underwrite the buildings.  The insurance companies know to well that the defense cost of  an invasion of privacy lawsuit would be costly (and they would lose).  One insurance company already made their building owners rescind a “no-smoking in you apartment” ban for that exact reason.

Madmen, watch yourselves and brush up on the Constitution.  Your privacy is being stripped away little by little…this rabbit hole is getting deeper by the minute.

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