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Teller Demands Bank Robber Show 2 Forms Of ID…And He DID!


Guess who’s bizzack?!?!?! What it  do MadMen?! Figured I would jump right back into the mix with this dumbassness right here.



A brilliant  bank robber, who decided it was the right thing to do by complying with a Dallas Bank teller’s request to provide two forms of identification before she could give him money, is now going to prison.


A judge sentenced 49-year-old Nathan Wayne Pugh of Sachse (SAK’-see) to more than eight years on Tuesday.

Pugh tried to hold up a Dallas Wells Fargo Bank in July. The teller stalled Pugh by telling him she needed to see two forms of ID. Pugh showed her his Wells Fargo debit card and a state ID card. He was captured as he tried to flee with $800.

Pugh pleaded guilty in October to a bank robbery charge. He was already on parole for two aggravated robberies. Ssssoooooo,  am I the only one feeling like going to the prison where he is, get on his visitor list, and slap the good shizzle out of him and leave?!

Hey Nathan, step you game up!! Next time, why don’t you car jack a drunk driver at a DUI check point! Pick a corner, any corner and kick your own ass.

Mi dun!!

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