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NYC Mom Sues Pre-School For Dashing Ivy League Hopes

A NYC mom has filed suit against a posh pre-school, claiming it jeopardized her daughter’s chances of getting into an Ivy league school.

Court documents filed by Nicole Imprescia, suggests that The York Avenue Pre-school has ruined any chances 4 year old Lucia may have had at getting into an Ivy League college.  That’s right, Madmen.  She’s four years old.  The Manhattan Mom says that her child was forced to interact with younger children and was still being taught shapes and colors.   That’s awful!  Children being taught shapes and colors in pre-school?  Someone should start a petition.

The York Avenue Pre-school’s website says the four year old student would work “with one alphabetic letter each week creating connections between the letter, the sound and the children’s lives.”  “Students are also introduced to different artists whose works are found in NYC museums.  Faculty include teachers with Master’s degrees in early childhood education and solid teaching experience at the early childhood level. ”   Imprescia’s lawsuit says  York Avenue Pre-school “proved not to be a school at all, but just one big playroom.”  You know, that sounds like…pre-school.  Seriously?  Is that where we are now?

In this dismal economy, I understand that every dollar counts.  Tuition at the posh York Avenue Pre-school is $19,000 a year, and Manhattan Mom is not satisfied by the service provided. The school has a “No-Refund” policy.   I agree, she should be able to get her money back.   She lost me  when she suggested that this experience has ruined her child’s chances at attending an Ivy League college.   Her academic life is over, at four years old?

Well, she might as well pick up a shopping cart and begin collecting cans. Is pre-school the “new” high school?

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