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NAACP Honors Kid “God Bless the Confederacy” Rock…WTF?!?!

in today’s “that shyt don’t match news“…..

Let me first disclose , that even though I am born and bred in NYC, I’m heavily into rock from Blue Oyster Cult to Ozzy Osbourne. I’ve spent hours in my room trying to play the guitar . So with all said I ask, why the hell is the Detroit NAACP honoring Kid Rock?

Kid Rock, a Detroit based Rapper/Rock artist had his biggest CD in 1997 “Devil with out a cause ” which sold eleven million copies . He mixed rap lyrics over hard rock riffs. Over time he has now changed his style to more southern rock , and country rock.

So I ask why the HELL is the Detroit NAACP honoring this man. He now performs with the “Confederate flag” behind him. The flag that the southern states made to represent their willingness to fight and die for the racist, economic system of slavery . Think of how many African-Americans were killed, raped, and terrorized under that flag during ” Jim Crow” .

When asked in an interview in the Guardian about the flag Rock responded ” Sure it definitely got some scars, but I never had an issue with it”. I’m so God damn glad to hear that! Rock also went on to say ” To me it just represents pride in southern rock n roll, plus it just looks cool”.

First that’s not good English , and second he’s from Detroit. REM, a true southern rock band from Athens Georgia has never used that racist symbolism . To make it worst he is performing at a tribute to our 41st President George H. W. Bush. A friend to the black community! LMAO…

So NAACP why ?….

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