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“Jihad Cosmo” Advises Women on Staying Indoors, Weapons And How To Raise Baby Bombers.

Say Word???

Ahhh…the joys of being a Muslim woman under Al Qaeda. The hijab, the quest for a righteous husband who would commit suicide for his nation, and the thrill of bearing a son who is committed to jihad.

This is what the new magazine put out by Al- Qaeda called “al-Shamikha Magazine (aka Jihad Cosmo), is telling women.  Apparently, the magazine tells women how to be beautiful and wage all types of hell against the infidels at the same.

Clues on how to find a great mujahideen (a bomb wielding husband), great skin care (hide your face and stay inside the house), how to create an effective cyber attack (spam) and how to raise future suicide volunteers (baby jihadists from the womb) abound in this glossy magazine geared to win the hearts and minds of Muslim women.

In the first issue, one woman is praised for her admiration of her husband who “gave his life” as a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.  No word on how she supports herself.  We are sure the money that came from making that statement by force for the magazine will be enough to feed her and her children for 2 whole days.

This new Cosmo for Muslim women also works as an undercover recruitment tool, telling women they too can be rewarded for giving their lives in the name of Jihad.

Funny how the men who are always talking that “blow yourself up for Allah” shyt never actually take their own advice.

  • What next a reality TV show about women competing to be the next suicide bomber “Al-Qaeda Idol” . Gives new meaning to the phrase “I’m trying to blow up son”! Lol

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