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Dancing for Jesus….Til You Drop

White Jesus approves this message

MadMen can I get a witness to something? To know me is to know that anything can and will come out of my mouth at any given moment. So I ask those who are easily offended, weak minded, sanctified and holy etc., to step away from this commentary for you will want to see me for what I’m about to go in on.

I for one, am someone who enjoys being around positive energy. I get off on it. I love to see people dance and sing and have joy. Which brings me to this here question to you all. Is it just me or does it seem that Praise and Worship at black churches is mad long and somewhat scary? Yo, I watched this video and I remembered the first time I went to a Holiness church and  when Praise and Worship came on the place went ape shit!!!

A 96 tear old woman started getting her jam on. Everyone around me was falling out and getting on the good foot. Son, when they went in on the speaking in tongues. I was scared!! The thought that ran through my mind was, “yo am I going to Harlem shake in here then pass out like everyone else? Heads were falling out left and right like that “thing” got them.

The children and myself were holding on to one another like the 28 Days germ set off in that piece. I reached for my phone with the quickness ready to dial 911 for E.M.T’s.  Then the light came on and it began to get clear. This was feeling the Holy Spirit!

As I looked and yes giggled a bit at church hats just everywhere and shoes all up on the pulpit, people in the aisles and under pews still shaking, I have to admit witnessing those who believe in what they are feeling was refreshing. Joy is something that hits people in different ways. Some scream and shout, cry, breakdance or whatever when they feel the sudden jolt of energy running through their soul.Grant it the hour long fall out was a bit lengthy for me, but in all it felt good to feel that positive energy.

I learned that no one can sensor what or how you feel. At the same time I also learned that someone is always watching and as I was attempting to slide out of  this church undetected, one of the ushers asked me “You’re not staying for the sermon?”” I said to him, “If Praise and Worship made them go ape like this, they will go through the walls when the pastor gets raspy one time” Nah fam, I’m going to meditate and keep it all in center view. Then Elvis QUICKLY left the building!

All jokes aside, I understand that an individual will worship in their own way. I couldn’t help but think though how many people actually felt something as opposed to those who didn’t want to be caught standing up and looking at other people falling out like I did. I say whatever feels comfortable to you, do it. I choose to meditate and I may actually walk into the house of GOD and preach to myself. I listen to the message and NOT the messenger. I believe in saying what I mean and BELIEVING in what I say.

All too often, you have Pastors who will tell you “do as I say and not as I do”. True that!! Especially when what you do is contradictory to what you are saying to the impressionable people who follow you. Be mindful of what you say because you never know who may be listening!

Real Talk.

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