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Lil Kim Allegedly Suffering From Stupidity…Says the Government Wanted Biggie Dead Not Suge

In today’s “PLEASE shut the F*ck up news”….

LiL Kim has lost her mind.  Finally we have the proof that this chick has gone absolutely crazy.  She is now claiming that Biggie Smalls was assassinated by the government cause they were scared he was going to run for Mayor (insert Scooby-Doo sound here).

She visited a radio station in florida, and laid out her theory…and we quote…

“It’s bigger than Suge Knight being involved, I think it’s even over his head. Them two was very powerful guys; they both could’ve ran for mayor just like [Governor] Arnold Schwarzenegger and probably won. I think the government is looking at it like ‘we cannot have these two hood dudes with this much power, runnin’ for mayor or somethin’ like that, and winning,’ ’cause they feel like they would have lost control.

“I think it was way deeper than what people would like to believe it to be, I can’t say if this person was involved or that person was involved, no one knows. But I know it was way deeper than what people believe it to be…”

*sigh* Really Lil Kim? We all know and love Biggie.  We all know he wasn’t running for no damn political office! We all know some shit went down between him, Puffy, Tupac and Suge.  We also know the government doesn’t give a DAMN about rappers (except to put them in jail)

They wouldn’t have to kill Biggie to thwart his dreams of any government post…they would just arrest him and plant tons of cocaine on his tour bus (*cough* Lil Wayne).. or get some floozy to accuse him of rape, or offer him a lifetime of eats at Fat Burger.

Lil Kim…please go sit your ho ass down somewhere and shut the hell up.

All that surgery has gone to your head boo-boo.


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