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3 Year Old Tot Runs Away from Home – Takes 15 Grams of Mom’s Sticky-Icky

we can’t make this shyt up people…

So…Lakiesha Owens fell asleep at about 5pm in the afternoon, and was awakened to the police beating down her door.  Apparently, her 3-year-old daughter decided to leave the apartment the two shared with only the clothes on her back and 15 grams of  the sweetest of Mom’s cheeba.

The tot decided she was leaving the small town in upstate NY come hell or high water and proceed to walk down the road, clutching the baggie.  A passing motorist almost hit the child, stopped and called the police.  No mention as to whether the motorist helped himself to a gram or two while waiting for the po-po to show up.

Lakeisha “my baby ratted me out” Owens has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and has been subsequently released with a court date to follow.  It is unknown whether or not those charges stemmed from the incident itself or the ass whoopin Lakiesha threatened the child with once she was brought back home.

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