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Pope Tells Jews They Are No Longer “Christ Killers”…Forgives All Followers of Judiasm

in today’s “that shyt don’t match” news…

Pope Benedict has written a new book in which he “exonerate” the Jews for the death of Jesus.  He is hoping that making the declaration will quell the rising tide of anti-Semitism that exists today.  In his book, “Jesus of Nazereth-Part II” the Pope sets out to explain that the followers of Judaism where not responsible as a whole for the actions of a few. He recounts the last hours of Jesus’ death (he was there?) and analyzes it to prove his thesis.

Interesting…so an ex-Jew Killer is absolving Jews of killing Christ.  Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy???  Pope Benedict served as a Hitler Youth in Germany. Yes…THAT Hitler. He exonerated the another one of his Bishop boys who said the Holocaust was overrated and no Jews were gassed.  He also turned a blind eye to all the little boys getting their booty-holes blown out under his watch – don’t get me started on that.

I’m not Jewish and I am insulted. Yea, yea..maybe he changed and now loves all Jews, but I’m sorry.  No one affiliated with the mass killing of millions of people, or the rape of children  has the right to be called a spiritual leader.

And the biggest question…who does this dude think he is..Jesus?? If he truly believed the tenants of the book he says he follows, then why is he “forgiving” the Jews…weren’t EVERYONE’S sins forgiven when he died?? If that is the case, shouldn’t he be giving the Jews a well deserved round of applause for saving us all????

And was Jesus really murdered if he was up walking around and drinking juice a few days later?? None of this makes any sense. But what makes me even more MAD  (forgive the grammar) is that people will buy into it, continue to tithe and allow their kids to be altar boys while buying into this bullshyt.


  • It was very hard for the Jews to Kill Jesus since he never existed in the first place. The Gospels are not histories, but are religious theater written out of time and place.

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