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Obama Back-Pedals on Guantanamo

Obama signed an executive order today which effectively put “Gitmo” back in business.  After his campaign promise to “shut down Guantanamo”..two years later, he has reversed his decision and trials will continue at the camp of ill-repute.

Obama tried to soften the blow by saying he remains committed to closing the camp “some day” (yea right). This move comes as no surprise since Congress blocked the transfer of Gitmo prisoners to the United States to stand trail (including the 911 conspirators).

The President did set a new mandate as to how the prisoners would be handled.  Each detainee’s record must be reviewed within a year and then every three years after that to gauge how much of a threat he is tot he American populace.  The torture practices of the past are no longer allowed…employees of the camp will be held to the Geneva Convention which has strict rules on the humane treatment of prisoners.

Guess that is better than nothing…

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