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Un-Friend on Facebook Leads Lovers To Jail

In another episode of Facebook beef…..

Florida lovers Tina Cash,31 and Thomas Gannon, 35 were arrested after their Facebook “break up” lead to an all out brawl.  According to the Hernando County police,

Gannon became angry when he learned that Cash had un-friended him on her Facebook page and changed her relationship status.  Seriously?  Investigators say a brawl erupted at the couples home when Gannon confronted Cash about the sudden status change.  That’s right, Madmen.  They live together.  Now that’s cold.

Cash allegedly hurled a framed flag at Gannon, striking him in the face.  Cash told police that Gannon began throwing things and punched her in the head.  Cash and Gannon were both taken to Hernando County jail and booked on charges of battery and domestic violence.

Ain’t love grand?

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