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Steve Nash You Are NOT The Father…Barbosa Allegedly Caught Painting Walls.

L……M……A……O. What it do MadMen?! Yo as I said before, the AFLAC duck is staying at my crib. Yo, I went out the window twice after I read this. This is for all of my B Ball heads that stay connected to the goings on AND off the court. This right here is one of those “Dizzam” in my best Bernie Mac voice. Check the text.

Need you to think back and remember when Phoenix Sun’s player Steve Nash divorced his wife immediately after she gave birth to their child, and no one could figure out why? Well, word on the street is that Steve’s former teammate Leandro Barbosa IS the father.

Check future shows on Maury concerning this madness here.

Sources are saying that Barbosa was traded because Nash caught wind of the affair and he had to go!!

SAY WORD SON!!!! I am over here in tears. Yo did he really say, the only one painting my wifes walls will be me!! Banish the gnave…*dead*

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