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FaceBook Beef + Mike Tyson Wannabe + Mickey Dee’s = Jail

A Boston teenager was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to biting off parts of another teen’s ears.

Andrew MacDonald, 19 exchanged several angry Facebook messages with another teen in November 2009.    The victim, went to a Weymouth area McDonald’s to meet a group of friends.   MacDonald and the victim got into an argument which turned physical.  MacDonald grabbed the victim in a bear hug and bit off the upper portion of his right ear, spitting the piece onto the pavement.  

Seriously? What part of the game is that?   Then, MacDonald bit off the lower portion of the victim’s left earlobe and spit that piece onto the ground as well.    A friend of the victim collected the two pieces of flesh from the ground and brought the victim to  the hospital.

Madmen, we can all learn a few things from this story.  First,  Facebook beef can be deadly.  Second, there are still some ride or die friends out there.  Friends that will search for the missing pieces of your ear then, drive you to the hospital.   Word of advice to the suspect:  

Next time, just order a Happy meal and go home.

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