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White Man Tells Black Audience to “Hush” During a Tyler Perry Film….Audience Wins Lawsuit

What’s good MadMen?! Yo I’m sitting here at the end of the line thumbing through some news, events, sports and shit that makes absolutely no sense, when I came across this Bullisht about the Carmike Theater in Dover Delaware where a manager thought it would be wise to hush the crowd.

Say word!!!!!!! One Mr.David Stewart “singled-out” a black audience– since he didn’t make announcements in other theaters that night during a viewing of “WHY DID I GET MARRIED” in 07. For real son?!?!  You mean when Mike blew the spot up during dinner you thought everyone would have stayed easy? Nah yo!!

A Delaware Supreme Court  judge felt Mr. Stewart was out of order  by violating the Delaware Equal Accommodations Law and as a result each person named in the complaint was awarded $1500.00 and the theater, itself, was fined $5000 plus 20 grand in attorney’s fees.

I have to wonder how this would have went down in the 5 boros. Probably would have never been reported. You can’t report  what never happened.  Mr. “keep it quiet” Stewart would have gotten his ass whooooped and vanished from the face of this good earth. Well Stew Lover, thank the lord you weren’t at Kings Plaza or Green acres. Bet you will watch what you say and HOW you say it next time. Take that sucka….LMAO!!

 I know some heads in Delaware, right now,  rocking new rims, pushing a new 92 Accord and flexing the Easter basket  helmet weaves, are doing “Thanks Dave” drops all over the  place!!

  • This only shows a glimps of why we as a people need to stand and explain……. why you mad you son!!

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