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Man Sues Strip Club After Surprise Stiletto Attack….

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An Indianapolis man is suing a strip club after  being injured at the business.  Jake Quagliaroli, 34 was watching a performance at PT’s Showclub in early February when he was hit in the mouth by a shoe that flew off a dancer’s foot.     Housewives all over Indiana are silently pumping their fists in the air.    The dancer’s shoe purportedly came off during a pole dance, striking Quagliaroli in the face as he turned toward the stage after getting money from an ATM.   I guess he didn’t “make it rain” that night.

Jonathan Little, Quagliaroli’s attorney said his client had no way to prepare for what turned out to be an embarassing and expensive trip to a strip club.   Quagliaroli has quite a significant amount of dental work that needs to be done.   Though Quagliaroli is embarrassed by what happened at the same time he considers the incident battery and negligence.

Little says he wants justice for the unintended shoe launch that left his client with dental damage that will lead to ongoing dental surgeries.   Sure, this unfortunate incident could have been avoided if  the dancer had been wearing an ankle strap stiletto or if the ATM were not so close to the dance stage but is that any reason to sue?   I think this case could be settled out of court with a gift card for  a few free lap dances or maybe a trip to the “Champagne Room.”

Can’t we all just get along?

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