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Madoff is Puttin’ Cases On All these Government Bytches….

Bernie Madoff is pullin a Nino Brown..if he’s going down..EVERYBODY is going down.

In a recent interview, the disgraced financier shouts out the government, the SEC, the big investment houses AND his clients…he says everyone is culpable in the scheme. “It is what it is.” Yea.. that’s a direct quote from Madoff.

Does he feel bad about how everything went down? He says only to the extent of the damage it caused his family. But as for the market? To Madoff it’s akin to chickens coming home to roost. “I realized from a very early stage that the market is a whole rigged job.” yea..tell us something we DON”T know Maddy. You do get props for telling the world what the streets have been saying for decades.

Madoff was holding no punches in the interview and points a finger square in the face of the banks. “..these banks and funds had to know there were problems..I wouldn’t give them any facts…I said ‘you don’t like it, take your money out’, which of course they never did.” He continues to name names..”…the SEC looks terrible in this one has any criminal convictions. The whole government is a Ponzi scheme”.

SAY WORD..he called them out! He is lucky he is already under jail. I guess the caged bird will sing. I wonder if ol Bernie “i got yo’ money” Madoff is watching New Jack City in his cell…cause he is very reminiscent of Nino Brown right now.

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