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“Giving Head” The Leading Cause of Oral Cancer in White Men

SAY WORD??????

Researchers announced this week that oral sex (BJ’s and “going down”) are the leading cause of oral cancer in the U.S.

Yes..the leading cause…beat out tobacco by a landslide.  The rate grew by 225%  over a period of 20 years with the  human papilloma virus aka HPV as the main culprit (HPV is the main cause of cervical cancer in women).

Even more strange is the fact that the findings show that the increase was mainly among white men…on second thought…

Maybe not that strange if you believe the myth about brothers not eating “fish”.

There will now be a focus to educate teenagers about the dangers of oral sex and to include boys in on the vaccine for HPV (young women are encouraged to get the vaccine starting at age 12).

So ladies..break out your cigs and’s a wrap!

Don’t believe me? Google it.

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