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Congressman Gets Punked..And Rats Himself Out that egg on your face son?

Rep. Scott Walker received a prank call from a man impersonating oil tycoon David Koch.  Both David and his brother Charles are big backers of Walker and his anti union efforts.    During the prank call, Walker discussed the possibility of tricking Senate Democrats into returning to the capital for talks during a recess, then sneakily passing his budget measure.  

It seems Rep. Walker has sunk to a new low.  Wisconsin democrats skipped town to avoid passing Walker’s budget measure which would gut worker’s collective bargaining rights.   Sen. Robert Wirch calls the information Scott Walker revealed in the conversation “devastating”.  Wirch said “This governor cares about the right-wing think tanks and the Koch brothers more than he cares what people of the state think.”  

Rep. Brett Hulsey said Walker’s comments during the prank call which was placed by a blogger from the site ‘The Buffalo Beast’ showed “absolute crassness” and “disrespect for the working families of Wisconsin.”   On February 23, during a 20 minute press conference Walker said he wasn’t plotting to trick democrats.  

Funny, that’s how it sounded to me.  Walker said “In terms of other ways to come on in, it’s not a trick.  We said it point-blank:  Come on in and talk about it.  I’m willing to talk about it but I ultimately believe it needs to lead to a vote…”  Sounds like Walker could teach a used car salesman a trick or two.  

I suggest Walker take a little time to get his story straight and pick up a caller id box.

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