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Cell Phones Proven To Have An Effect On The Brain

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The National Institution of Health have released a study that found that using a cell phone for less than an hour speeds up brain activity in region closest to the antenna.  The finding has everyone up in arms, since the mobile device industry is a multi-billion dollar business.

Everyone involved issued statements immediately to dumb down the possible ramifications of the report. The Wireless Association’s talking head John Walls responded in a statement saying “The peer-reviewed scientific evidence has overwhelmingly indicated that wireless devices, within the limits established by the F.C.C., do not pose a public health risk or cause any adverse health effects.” (note: the use of the word “overwhelmingly” indicates dude is being shady..trying a little too hard to convince us). But of course that would be the statement coming from the Wireless Association Trade Organization.

The researchers admit their findings are not conclusive enough to say for sure whether or not the effect of having a particular section of your brain stimulated over a period of 10 to 15 years continuously is good or bad…(ummm ok).  They only admit, that the brain cells are activated by the signals emitted from mobile devices. 

They recommend hands-free devices.

Can you imagine what would happen if it came out that our Blackberry’s and iPhones caused some type of brain cancer? I imagine the death rate for brain related diseases would skyrocket above AIDS, heart disease and diabetes put together. 

We are more dependent on our cell phones than we are on oil.

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