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Mom Makes Son a Street Walker: A Lesson in Tough Love

White Jesus approves this message

in today’s “good news”news….

Her tactics may be over-the-top, but Rona Holder of Tampa Bay said her 15-year-old son will thank her for it one day.

When her son came home with a 1.22 GPA (WTF), she knew she had to take matters in to her own hands. Her solution? Make him stand on the street corner with a sign touting his stupidity to the world. “He doesn’t want to get no education in school…..this is the job he he might as well start early”.

Rona says taking the cell phone and games aways didn’t work, so until he gets his grades up and his education on track,  he will be standing on the corner. She says embarrassment is the best thing.


MadMen…weigh in.

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