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ER Workers Allow Man to Die 150 Feet Away – Tell Cops to Call 911 that egg on your face son?

in today’s “that shyt don’t match news”…

Mr. Fuentes, of Cuban descent, was denied help and left to die so "protocol" could be followed

Birgilio Marin-Fuentes 61, had a heart attack on the way to Portland Adventist Mediacl Center, crashing his car just 150 feet away from a team of nurses and doctors that could have saved his life.

A passer-by saw the accident and called police.  The police split into teams with two officers giving Mr. Fuentes CPR while the other two ran the couple of steps into the hospital to get someone to help.

The staff of the hospital told the officers they had to wait for an ambulance so that the trained EMS responders could transport him safely. read that right.  They told the police to call 911 and refused to come out of the building.

Claudia Luis-Garcia
Claudia, the Wife of Mr. Fuentes holds her head in grief and disbelief

Seriously..they made the cops and Mr. Fuentes wait over 10 minutes to get an ambulance to carry him 150 feet. A talking head for the hospital offered this explanation: “We do call 9-1-1 to make sure trained responders can safely transport a patient to the emergency department,” said Dr. Kelli Westcott, Portland Adventist’s vice chair of emergency services. “We activate the EMS system so the trained responders can safely transport you to the emergency department because we want to give everybody the timely care that they deserve.” da fuc???

I hope the family of Mr. Fuentes sues the hospital so bad that it  is re-named the Portland Center That Had To Close Cause We Didn’t Give A Shit Non-Medical Center.


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