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Birth Control Pills No Longer Defined as an Abortion


The Obama Administration replaced a rule from the Bush era that required institutions that received Federal money to certify their compliance with “conscience laws” to continue to receive funding.

The rule was too general in that it could be misconstrued to seem to include birth control and family planning as matters of conscience. Opponents of abortion and women’s rights have claimed that birth control pills, condoms, sterilization and anything else that would prevent life as an act done “without conscience”.

The Obama Administration made the decision after reviewing comments from both sides of the debate, and in its place issued a new rule that clearly defined federal conscience protections. “Strong conscience laws make it clear that health care providers cannot be compelled to perform or assist in an abortion,” said a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services. “The rule being issued today builds on these laws by providing a clear enforcement process.”

Wonder if there were any women involved in defining any of these rules?  #imjustsaying

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