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Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton during an impassioned speech on internet freedom pledged to expand the Obama administration’s efforts to foil internet repression.

Clinton said the administration would spend 25 million this year on initiatives designed to protect bloggers and help them get around curbs like the gagging of social media sites in Iran, Cuba, Syria, Vietnam and Myanmar as well as Egypt’s recent attempt to discourage anti-government protests by simply pulling the plug on online communications.

Clinton also said the State department would broaden the reach of it’s online mini-appeals for human rights and democracy by creating accounts to cater to audiences in China, Russia and India in their native languages.  Clinton challenged authoritarian leaders and regimes to embrace online freedom.

Clinton, in a statement taken from the context of the speech said “Leaders worldwide have a choice to make, they can let the internet in their countries and take the risk that the freedoms it enables will lead to a greater demand for political rights.  Or they can constrict the internet, choke the freedoms it naturally sustains and risk losing all the economic and social benefits that come from a networked society.”

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