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Obama’s Kryptonite?

In perusing the Sunday news and regular political sites, I came across this guy, Allen West, Republican representative of Florida. This being the first time I had seen or heard of him (hey I’m busy!), I figured I’d take a look into what he is about.

He was chosen as the 2011 keynote speaker for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), so I figured I could gain a better understanding if I listened to his speech, rather than read his perfectly manicured website.

It started out ok..he was a bit stiff but easy on the eye. Nice brown complexion offset by the neatly coiffed salt and pepper hair that added a bit of that “distinguished look” to his youthful face. But as he spoke, my initial admiration turned to dread.

Understand this guy is a young Colin Powell. All military..all the time. He is the Obama detractor’s dream and will succeed where Michael Steel couldn’t. Obama has charm and suave, this guy has the military stance. There is something about a man who can repel through a pate glass window and shoot everybody in the room with one bullet, but still able to articulate complex foreign policy to leaders of state.

His stand in the issues? Oh the regular Republican Conservative checklist:

  • cut funding to the EPA – yea that is the Environmental Protection Agency (no incentive for Americans to purchase electric cars to begin to end our dependency on oil)
  • deregulation (again) of the private banks
  • repealing the Healthcare reform bill
  • a reversal of Roe v Wade – you are dealing with a conservative pro-life military man here
  • plus many many more

All in all , this guy is a freshman, a rookie, and already  a formidable force in the media. I predict the Republicans may even try to throw him in the mix to see if he can catch the nomination.  Isn’t that how it happened for the young senator from Illinois after all? Google him watch his video of his speeches and you’ll see what I mean.

Here is an old SAT example for you: Allen West is to Barak Obama as Kryptonite is to Superman. I got my popcorn ready..this could be interesting.

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