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Yes, my husband should beat me if i burn dinner and AIDS is transmitted magically

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS!” news….


it’s not often that I come across something that makes this MadMan say WTF, being the cynic that I am..but umm err.. this shyt right here?…it gave me pause.

So my  sources are telling me that Buddist women BELIEVE that their men can beat them if they


  1. neglect the children (anyone should get a beat down for that)
  2. argue  (read as speaking up for themselves)
  3. refuse sex (umm isn’t that rape..i’m just saying)
  4. or Buddha forbid…burn dinner

I’m not even going to address some of these women believing AIDS is transmitted supernaturally…GTFOH.

You gotta love being an American in comparison….you broads got it good.

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