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The Tale of Johnny “911” Finch – Dumb Ass of the Week

in today’s “what a dummy” news…

MadMen…meet John Finch a.k.a. Johnny 911. 

John Finch a.k.a. Johnny 911

 he wins the “dumb ass of the week” award for breaking into a house, downing five bottles of liquor ( 3 bottles of Seagram’s Gin and 2 bottles of Seagram’s whiskey).

Finishing his binge, the over intoxicated Finch decided it was time to leave but couldn’t – he was too drunk.  His next move will go down in the annuls of dumb ass history.  Dude called “911” and told them he was man down – pimp in distress.

man down..pimp in distress

When the police arrived, they found him sitting on the couch and asked him to come open the door, to which he replied ” I can’t…it’s locked”.

I guess I don’t need to tell you how this story ends right?

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